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Phone: 61-421230040



Phone: 61-421230040



Phone: 61-421230040


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We can facilitate most payment methods 
Offline: Cash Deposit, Bank Transfer, Western Union.
Online Payments: Credit Card, Debit Card, Paypal


Paypal Payments & Credit Cards
All online payments are handled by Paypal. We reserve the right to withhold services for non-verified accounts, until such time as the account is verified. For avoidance of doubt please feel free to reach out to us in advance. Account name and email address should match that of the Paypal account holder.

To make an online payment you must pre-fund your account, the minimum amount which you can prefund your account is £6 and the maximum amount accepted is £60. Funding your account by Paypal for an amount greater than this WILL cause delays and hold up your funds as a result of security screening and checks and the payment will more than likely be rejected and returned after some delay. 

Pre-funding your account
 Pre-funding your account is simple and allows you to make instant payments for your orders.

When logged in go to your account area and go to "my billing" and then choose "add funds". You can then proceed with a payment via your Paypal Account or using your Credit or Debit Card.

Offline Payments & Bank Transfers
Offline payments in Australian Dollars AND UK Pounds Accepted to UK or Australian bank accounts. UK to UK bank transfers done online are generally processed immediately (check with your bank, all High Street Banks in the UK support 'faster transfers' and usually without surcharge or penalty). 

Bank transfer supports deposits of any amount up to a maximum of £650 or AU$950 for initial deposits.

Contact us and advise if payment is to be made to UK or Australia. Payments from a UK account are generally available as cleared funds within 2 hours of payment being made, usually 15 minutes or less. Over the counter deposits in UK and Australia display as cleared funds instantly and will be credited to your account within 2 hours of being notified, often within minutes.

For any questions please contact: 



Simplified charges

To simplify the confusion around transaction fee's, exchange rates and similar, and to keep in line with Paypals new regulations on these matters we now charge one simple fee when prefunding your account.

Funding your account incurs a transaction processing fee, we charge a flat rate of £2.95
This is the same regardless of payment method or amount being credited.

Refunds and Returning Unused Funds

Any excess funds added to your account, we can refund however there is a processing fee of £1.95 or 1.5% of the amount requested whichever is greater.



Please Note


Our aim is to offer the lowest consistent pricing for domains feasible through our arrangments with partners and other registries. As such we do not have any hidden pricing for domain transfers in or out, we do not levy surprise fees and charge.

Typically the markup on domain registrations barely covers the fee's we are charged for international currency exchange payments to settle our bills and in no way covers all overheads involved with registration.

Remember when dealing with UK registrars you would typically need to add 20% to pricing to cover the costs of VAT. Significant savings are to be had by trading with, and our pricing and logic is transparent

We typically make £1.00 for every £200 spent with us. A single fraudulent chargeback will wipe out any profit margin we might have for months. We have so far survived such attempts and the requests have been found in our favour. Beware if your intention is to defraud us we will pursue you through every legal avenue and place any limitations on your domain usage that is permitted once the financial instituitions find in our favour. 

Deliverability Ltd
Hong Kong

Ph: +443308280147 (United Kingdom)
Ph: +12152070104 (USA)


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